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Employer’s FAQ

The primary benefit of using offshore staffing services is that professional employment agencies manage the entire employee search, screening and placement process so employers can get back their business. Sage Bean’s strategic candidate placement process ensures that we find skilled talent with the right qualifications whose professional objectives matches with a client company’s goals. With the help of a staffing company like SageBeans, employers can save time and money and eliminate the guesswork in finding the best candidate for the job. And, if a candidate is not the right fit, your recruiter at SageBeans will resolve the problem by finding the right match.
SageBeans is a professional offshore staffing agency offering employment solutions to companies all across USA, UK and Canada. SageBeans specializes in recruiting IT professionals who cover a wide range of skills in management, development and infrastructure and in all other domains. Clients of SageBeans experience a full-service partner with a flexible business model. SageBeans is able to customize solutions to meet varied requirements. Services include employee search and placement, technical assessment, contract-to-hire, permanent hire, volume placement, retained search and recruitment process outsourcing.
SageBeans offers valuable market insight, top talent, exclusive job openings and a wealth of resources during the employee search and placement process. Our unique approach focuses on overall client-candidate fit to ensure we pair high-quality candidates with client companies that are aligned with their professional goals and preferences. We serve as true consultants/partners for client companies and keep our promises. We deliver the best talent through highly knowledgeable tenured teams. Our unique services set us apart from other staffing agencies.
SageBeans employee search and placement process includes a variety of steps that ensure we identify candidates that are well suited for the job. We aim to get a deep understanding of our client companies, so our first step is to meet in person. The next step is to create a winning job description that serves as a road map. Then, we develop a recruiting plan of action. We uncover top talent for the open position through different Job Boards. At SageBeans, our employee search and placement approach reveals all possible candidates for the job. We thoroughly screen to identify the top candidates based on technical and cultural fit. We then present their profiles and resumes for your review and selection. Sage Bean’s professionals perform additional services during the employee search and placement process, including education verification, background checks, employment verification and reference checks.
We offer a number of staffing services tailored to the unique needs of your business, including: Permanent Hires (Full Time), Contract-to-hire, Contract Hires